Working with Fonts

Fonts can be used anywhere around the web so long as a browser has them installed or a way to download them. Try them on your own website or even on your social media! It’s as easy as copy and paste, then your posts will standout amongst the crowd on user feeds. Pick any font you like, but remember fonts can have subtle meaning. Don’t make the hilarious mistake of picking a childish font like comic sans for something that should be more formal.

Choosing a Font

Ever consider a font for your brand or logo? You probably haven’t and it is extremely important. The font represents your style and sets the tone for the content you deliver. Therefore it is important that you put in some research and find a font that best portrays your creative work. After you find the font you want, make sure you know its name. Tell the graphic artist you are working with the name of the font you want them to use. If you are totally at a loss ask your graphic artist what they recommend, they have access to tons of different font resources and will be able to find you the perfect match. While there are premium fonts available that cost money, most are free and easy to download to use.

Here are some good font resources and tools to get you started.

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